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New Flesh

1. Are you:

A. female
B. male

2. Sexual Orientation:

A. heterosexual
B. gay/lesbian
C. bisexual
D. asexual

3. Job/School (i.e. high school student, doctor, etc.)
Just finished UK Seccondary school, starting college in Septmember

4. How old are you currently?

5. How old were you when you first SI-ed?
I don't remember, but i think about 12 or 13. I usually say 13.

6. Why do you SI?
It's a release.

7. What is your main method of SI (cutting, burning, hitting, etc.)? Do you have any others?
Cutting. Well, i started out scratching adn then it progressed. I still scratch occassionally.

8. Do you feel pain when you SI? Or have you dissociated?
It varies. Sometimes. I crave the pain so i guess i do feel it a bit.

9. How do you feel before, during, and after you SI?
Before:Needy, Tempted, Angry, Frustrated
During: Numb
After: Relieved and sometimes guilty

10. Do you have any rituals?
I always cut in the same room and the same place on my skin

11. Have you ever SI-ed in front of anyone? Have you ever been caught?
I did and yes i did. But it wasn't a lot and it was never mentioned again

12. Do you anybody who SI's (friend, family member, etc)? Did they have any influence on your own behavior?
Yes. A lot of my online friends did.
I think they influenced me a lot.

13. How do you hide your SI?
I wear sweatbands

14. Have you ever told anyone you SI? If yes, then who?
I wrote a letter to one of my close friends. And all my online friends know.

15. How did they react and what did you feel?
She was very supportive. She used to do it too.

16. Why did you tell? If you haven't told anyone, why not?
I don't know. I couldn't handle it anymore.

17. Since you've told has living with your SI been easier or more difficult? If you haven't told how do think things would change if you did?
Erm.. it's made me feel more guilty about it.

18. Do you want to stop SI-ing? Why?
No. I don't like the idea of not having it there for me.

19. Do you have any coping skills (methods) that help stop you from SI-ing? If so, what are they?
I just try to distract myself. Usually with music.

20. Have you ever gotten any medical attention for your injuries? What were the attitudes you encountered from medical professionals?

21. Have you ever gone into therapy to treat your self-injurious behavior? Have you ever gone in-patient at a psychiatric hospital because of your self-injury or for any mental illness that cause you to self-injure?
I had counselling once. I hated it.

22. Do you take any medication for your SI or for any mental illness that causes you to self-injure? If yes, which medication?

23. Have you ever been refused therapy or lost a psychologist because of your SI?

24. Do you have any other mental illnesses apart from SI such as:

Anorexia- i was on the verge of it for years
Borderline Personality
Post Traumatic Stress
Obsessive Compulsive
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Dissociative Identity/Multiple Personality
Alcohol/Drug Addiction

25. Have you ever suffered any abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)? (Note: If you don't feel comfortable you have the choice not to answer the question)

Please post a picture (or pictures), of yourself

Charlotte xxx
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